Introduction to the recipe

Gold represents wealth, and I made this gold bag deliberately. I hope everyone will be rich and lucky in the new year! The outer skin of the golden bag is made of quiche. If you fry the egg into a thinner egg skin, the taste will be better. Four kinds of raw materials are used for the filling.

This dish is beautiful in shape, delicious in taste, soft and tender, and suitable for all ages. It should be the favorite and favor of children. As long as the nutritional mix is ​​reasonable, parents can change the ingredients of the filling. In order to highlight the festive occasion, it is also good to tie the golden bag tied with red string, and tie it with hot leek and green onion. Does this gold bag look very attractive? Is there an urge to eat? In fact, it is not difficult to do it, just do it!

Ruyi gold bag approach:

1. Wash the shrimp, remove the shrimp line, cut the diced, and marinate with ginger for 15 minutes. Beat the eggs, stir well and set aside; wash the carrots, peel and cut the diced; wash the celery, remove the leaves, and cut the diced. Remove the shiitake mushrooms, wash, and cut into small dices.

2. Simmer the cut carrots, celery and shiitake mushrooms in boiling water for half a minute, drain the water; pour a little vegetable oil in the wok to heat, and stir-fry the shrimps until cooked.

3. Stir in the carrots, celery and shiitake mushrooms, season with salt, and serve as a filling. Spread a little vegetable oil in the pan, heat up and scoop part of the egg liquid, gently turn the pan, and spread into egg cakes Fry it over low heat.

4. Put the quiche on a flat plate, let it cool down a little, then put a little stuffing in the center, pull the quiche around to gather it, and tie it with a red string. Do the same for the remaining gold packets.


Shrimp is rich in nutrients, containing several times to dozens of times the protein of fish, eggs, and milk. It also contains rich minerals such as potassium, iodine, magnesium, and phosphorus, as well as vitamin A, aminophylline, and other ingredients. Digestion is an excellent food for those who are weak and need to be recuperated after illness. Shrimp is rich in magnesium.

Magnesium has an important regulating effect on heart activity and can well protect the cardiovascular system. It can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood and prevent arteriosclerosis. At the same time, it can expand the coronary arteries and help prevent hypertension. And myocardial infarction. Shrimp has strong milk-passing effects, and is rich in phosphorus and calcium, which is especially beneficial for children and pregnant women.

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, and have the effects of promoting the normal growth and reproduction of the human body, maintaining epithelial tissues, preventing respiratory infections and maintaining normal vision, treating night blindness and dry eyes. In addition to vitamin A, carrots also contain certain nutrients such as sugar and protein, which can promote the production of hemoglobin, so it has the effect of nourishing blood. In addition, carrots also contain fats, carbohydrates, and more inorganic salts such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, which can improve human immunity.

Shiitake is rich in protein, its protein content is comparable to that of meat, and it contains 8 amino acids necessary for the human body. It is easily absorbed by the human body and is very suitable for babies. Shiitake mushrooms nourish qi, strengthen the spleen and stomach, have good anti-cancer effects, and also contain zinc, copper, iron, manganese, nickel, chromium, selenium, germanium and other trace elements necessary for human body.

Celery contains protein, sugars, vitamin A, vitamin C, and nutrients such as niacin, calcium, iron, apigenin, and carotene. It has the effect of lowering blood pressure. The large amount of dietary fiber contained in it can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation.

Eggs are rich in proteins, fats, vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron, riboflavin, DHA and lecithin, and other nutrients needed by the human body. Nutrition experts call them “complete protein mode” and are known as “ideal Nutrition Library. ” It has a great effect on the nervous system and physical development. Eating eggs often can strengthen the brain and improve the memory of all age groups.

Nutritionists used eggs to prevent atherosclerosis and achieved surprising results. Eggs contain more vitamin B2, which can decompose and oxidize carcinogens in the human body. Trace elements in eggs also have anti-cancer effects. Egg protein can repair liver tissue damage, and lecithin in egg yolk can promote liver cell regeneration.

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