Introduction to the recipe

What is Toon : Toon is toon bud, which has edible and medicinal effects. Generally, fresh toon is picked and can be eaten. Some people say that toon contains carcinogen nitrate and nitrite, which are higher than other vegetables. Many times, so I think there is a safety hazard in eating toon, but do n’t worry, you can put toon in boiling water for one minute, so that you can remove most of the nitrite and nitrate, and you can lock toon The original flavor and color of the toon, no matter what method you use to cook toon, it is recommended to put it in the water for a while to enhance the safety of toon.


  • 250 grams of toon
  • 5 eggs
  • 50 grams of tofu
  • 50g of tender toon
  • a little sesame oil
  • half a tablespoon of white sugar
  • a little MSG
  • two spoons of rice vinegar
  • two spoons of chili oil

How to eat toon

The practice of toon scrambled eggs:

1. After cleaning the toon buds, put them in the boiling water for a while, then remove them, and cut them after controlling the dry water, which can effectively remove most of the nitrite

2. Stir the eggs evenly, add the toon crushed, add a little salt and stir well, then pour the oil into the pan and heat it, pour the toon egg liquid and stir-fry. The wet cloth is very simple and quick, but It will be special and unique.

The practice of toon scrambled eggs:

1. Prepare 250 grams of toon and 5 eggs, clean the toon and put it in boiling water for a while and then remove it.

2. Stir the eggs in a bowl and stir well. Pour the oil into the pan and heat it. Pour the egg into the egg and stir-fry it into the egg flower. Put it into the toon and continue to fry it evenly. Finally, add salt to taste and serve.

Efficacy: This home-cooked dish has the effects of nourishing yin, moistening, beauty, and beauty. Regular eating can improve resistance and immunity, and can treat malnutrition.

The practice of tofu mixed with tofu:

1. Prepare 5O0 grams of tofu, 50 toon tender; wash the tofu clean and cut into pieces, put in boiling water for a while and remove the dry water

2. Tofu is cut into small dices and placed in a plate. After cleaning the toon, put it in boiling water and simmer for a while. Remove the chopped pieces and put them in a bowl. Then add salt, monosodium glutamate, and stir in sesame oil. Edible.

The practice of tofu mixed with tofu:

1. Prepare the tender toon and tofu, a little sesame oil, half a spoonful of white sugar, a little MSG, two spoonfuls of rice vinegar, two spoonfuls of chili oil, then pour the water into the pot and boil

2. Put in the toon scallion for 1 minute and remove it. After cold water, cut the tofu into small dices, put it in boiling water, add salt and cook for one minute.

3. After a bit of cold water, chop the toon and put it in tofu for use. Then put the minced garlic in a bowl, add salt, pour old soy, drop a few drops of sesame oil, and add sugar.

4. Add a little rice vinegar, pour in chili oil, stir well, pour into tofu, continue to stir evenly, sprinkle some green onions to finish.

Efficacy: Toon mixed with tofu not only has a smooth texture, but also can beautify the face, improve eyesight, and nourish qi, moisturize and dry up thirst.


Nutrition of Toon Buds: Toon Buds are extremely rich in nutrients, such as rich in protein, various vitamins and calcium are the best in vegetables. They also contain carotene and other nutrients, which have anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and analgesic effects, qi and blood circulation, Spleen appetizer, appetite promotion effect, and it is also a very good food to treat tapeworms, and can be beauty and beauty, improve resistance.

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