The buns not only help digestion, but also a delicious and nutritious food. It is good for the body to eat regularly, but sometimes the buns we eat are hard and not only affect its deliciousness, And eating too much of this kind of hard food is not easy to digest, so eat soft buns as much as possible.

Let’s take a look with me below to see how I can make the buns soft and delicious? 1. Novice tangled will not make a face, only the face is inseparable from yeast. Here, let’s talk about yeast. Yeast is a single-cell fungal microorganism and a biological leavening agent that is beneficial to the human body. The test proves that the protein contained in 1 kg of dry yeast is equivalent to the protein content of 5 kg of rice, 2 kg of soybeans or 2.5 kg of pork. Therefore, the nutritional content of steamed buns and buns is 3 to 4 times higher than that of non-baked flat cakes and noodles, and protein is added nearly 2 times. Therefore, yeast is a good thing and can be used with confidence. 2. Steamed buns, steamed buns, flower rolls, dough cakes, and fried dough sticks all need to be baked. As long as you know the ratio of flour to yeast and water, baking is not a problem. Generally speaking, 500 grams of flour participate in 5 grams of fermentation Powder (baking powder is available in supermarkets), in order to mention Xuan it is best to participate in 2 grams of baking powder (baking powder is not a necessity, fritters are necessary). The ratio of flour to water is 2: 1, and warm water and noodles are required. The temperature of the water is about 30 to 35 degrees. 3. The most important point is that it is necessary to make two hair bursts just to make the flour. The first time is to make the dough to be doubled and double the size. After making the buns, make a second hair curl. The second hair curl is 40 minutes. It depends on the situation. The good billet is now ready to fire. 4. In the winter, the fermentation time is relatively long due to the lower temperature. If you add a little sugar, the fermentation speed will be doubled. 5. if you find that you can’t afford to bake for a long time, you can dig a small hole in the center of the dough and pour some white wine, then place it in a warm place. After 10 minutes, you will find that the dough is now twice as large. 6. If there is no old fat in the home and no baking powder can be bought, honey can be used instead of fermentation. 500 grams of flour and 20 grams of honey for 5 hours, steamed buns are soft and sweet. 7. Use old fat to make noodles (that is, the remaining dough from the previous pasta, in fact, self-denying yeast). The dough produced by old fat is prone to sour taste. Participating in alkaline noodles can neutralize acidity. 500 grams of flour can take 2 grams of alkaline noodles. Yes, soda noodles can be poured into the dough with a small amount of warm water. If you use baking powder for baking noodles, do not add alkaline noodles, because baking powder contains soda (alkaline noodles are soda, which are available in supermarkets). 8. If there is no alkali noodle after the noodles have been cooked, you can use salt instead. Adding 5 grams of salt per 500 grams of flour can remove the sour taste and avoid yellowing. 9. if the steamed buns are too big, the steamed buns turn yellow, you can add 150 grams of vinegar in the steamed water, steam again for 10 minutes and the steamed buns turn white. 10. Baking soda and soda are sometimes used for baking. Baking soda is weakly alkaline. Eating baking soda has a hair-raising effect. For example, we make corn flour cakes or buns, and add an appropriate amount of baking soda to raise it. Soda is pure alkaline and is used to neutralize the remaining acidity in the use of noodles. This process is called “sodaine“. The amount of alkali should be appropriate. Too little is called “alkali small”, it will cause death and sour; too much is called “alkali large”, and it will bloom and yellow. Alkali noodles can be taken into consideration when cooking porridge, which can add consistency. Drinking often has advantages for people with stomach acid

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