If you are also a big fan of noodles, don’t miss this article today, here will tell you how to make noodles well? Make the noodles more flavorful.

How to make good noodles


For those who roll out noodles at home, it is recommended to boil the water over a high fire, add the noodles, and stir with chopsticks. This will prevent the noodles from agglomerating, and then boil on high fire. Eat and boil and continue to boil.

For dry noodles, it is the opposite of the previous fire. Do not use a high fire, otherwise it will not be easy for the water to enter the noodles, which will cause the noodles to clump. Oh, pour in water, and repeat it twice.

And if it’s noodles, don’t boil the water and pour into the noodles, just put the noodles when the water comes out, stir the noodles with dumplings, cover the pot, cook After opening, pour in cold water and eat.

Put salt first

It is recommended to add some salt when cooking noodles, but the order of salt is more important. The correct method is to boil the water first, then add a little salt, and then pour the noodles to cook. .

Pour in vinegar

If it is boiled soy noodles, it is easy to have an alkaline taste and the color will be relatively yellow. If you add some vinegar, you can remove the alkaline water taste and make the noodles more white.

Rice wine

When you cook noodles, it is easy for noodles to stick together. To improve this situation, you only need to sprinkle some rice wine, so that the noodles can quickly spread out.

The practice of minced meat and bean noodles

1. Pick and wash the beans, pick them into small pieces, put in an appropriate amount of salt and mix well, then knead evenly. This can ensure the color looks better. Then pour the oil into the pot and add the onion ginger.

2. Stir fry and pour in minced meat. Stir fry, then add beans, add sugar, pour soy sauce and water.

3. After boiling for a while, pour into the cooked noodles, stir well and serve.

How to cook noodles with eggs

1. Pour the oil into the pan, heat up and scramble an egg, then sprinkle a little salt into the egg yolk, fry both sides and scoop out

2. After that, pour the water into the pot, put the noodles and cook them, remove them, put them in a large bowl, add the onion ginger, salt, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, and then add the fried eggs and sprinkle some green onions. Edible.

The practice of lamb noodles

1. Wash the lamb and cut into slices, then put it in boiling water to remove the blood, then pour the water into the casserole and add the star anise pepper

2. Put the ginger slices, boil the cooked meat slices, remove and put them in the casserole, then pour the soup just before, add the salt and sugar after boiling

3. Pour in the wine, skim off the froth after boiling, simmer on low heat and simmer, then add coriander, green onion, sprinkle some pepper noodles and MSG

4. Cook the lamb and set aside, then pour the noodles into the lamb, sprinkle some coriander and spring onion.

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